Monday, October 22, 2018

A Jinx Leads This Beauty into the Magic and Mayhem World!

What happens when your luck runs out? Ivy Nyx is about to find out.

Ivy Nyx is one hot golfing witchy woman, but lately, her game is just a little bit off somehow. Nothing is going right, and she's starting to believe she must be jinxed.

Zayn Gray is a warlock on the edge. The strong magic he represses inside him is about to explode now that his only method of release has been taken from him. It doesn't help that the beauty who snuck into his garden always brings out the beast in him.

Golf links, flirty winks, and an untimely jinx--who knew playing around could be so tricky for this Beauty and the Jinx?

Magic and Mayhem for Everyone!

Robyn explains it best:

"I’m so excited I could squeeeeeeeeee!
What is the Magic and Mayhem Universe, you may ask?
Well, let me explain…
It’s basically fan fiction written by some amazing authors that I stalked and blackmailed! KIDDING! I was lucky and blessed to have some brilliant authors say yes! They have written brand new stories using my world and some of my characters. And let me tell you…the results are hilarious!
The books are available worldwide and will soon be in print.
There will be two launches a year filled with smexy, witchy, shifty, magical fun!
So here it is! Blast off with us into the Magic and Mayhem Universe. Side splitting books by fantabulous authors! Check out each and every one. You will laugh your way to a magical HEA!
xoxo Robyn"

So...a brand new crop of books are releasing today, and they're all sexy, snarky fun! Check them out!


Mina Carter
Teresa Gabelman
Renee George
Cate Lawley
Cherie Marks
Lissa Matthews
Donna McDonald
Monette Michaels
Wren Michaels
Isabel Micheals
Julia Mills
Virginia Nelson
Kate Richards
Angela Roquet
Jordan K. Rose

Happy Reading!Cherie

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Magic & Mayhem is Back, Baby!

So, earlier this year, I got an exciting offer. The all-time, amazing Robyn Peterman, whose books are such sexy, snarky fun, asked if I'd like to go on the next, great adventure with the Magic and Mayhem Universe. My reaction: just call me a Twinkie, baby, because I'm going to be here forever!  Now, we're going WIDE!

As a result, along with some other fantabulous authors, I have re-released my crazy, wonderful stories in the Wicked Hearts book series, Wicked Is As Wicked Does, Show Me the Wicked, and There's No Place Like Wicked. Get ready for some Magic and Mayhem because it's going to be a wild and wonderful ride you won't want to miss.

See the awesomeness for yourself at
Oh! And don't miss out on the fun and prizes!

Take a look at the crazy, wonderful lot of them on:
MMU author website page links

Monday, March 5, 2018

Gift Cards, Free Books, an #Instafreebie, and a New Release of The Dragon Next Door

Love reading & reviewing? Like finding new authors?

Wanna join a review team/street team?

We have almost 20 authors of varying genres who would love to find new readers! Why join a team? (Or lots of teams?) There are so many FREE books, advanced notice of sales, giveaways, and new releases. Let's not forget the swag and signed books so many authors give to their team as a reward for the support.

Give it a try!

Join some teams and be entered to win

$200 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Participating Authors:

Ashlee Price | Cherie Marks | Chiquita Dennie | Darcy Delany | Debra Elise | Emmi Rue | Juliana Haygert | Kate Kisset | Melissa Stevens | S.L. Sterling | S.R. Watson | Sammi Franks | Skye Jordan | Stephanie Witter | Sydney Aaliyah Michelle | Taige Crenshaw & McKenna Jeffries & Talia Carmichael

Enter to win!


Are you a voracious reader? Are you in need of a book-boyfriend? Are you looking for a toe-curling romance? Do you feel like there are not enough of 'your kinda of books' out there?

Well, fear not. Fantasia Book World is the prelude to bringing all of your fantasies to a soaring high. Welcome to the repository of Romance eBooks all available for free. Download as many as you want. What do you have to do: Just choose your book and sign up to have it delivered to either your email or your Kindle depending on the platform on which it is hosted.


Vampires. Dragons. Fairy Tales. Demon Hunters. 
Ohhh myyyy. 

This Instafreebie giveaway has 20 free books just waiting for you to download and read.


Roxy Elliot is fed up with her non-existent love life. She is dying to turn in her V-card, but no matter how often she throws herself at a man, it never goes anywhere. If she didn't know any better, she might think she was cursed. Now, though, she's just been tapped to take her turn as the caretaker of the family business--a safehouse that caters to paranormal beings. She knows nothing about their next client, but the minute she sees him, she knows she's in trouble.

Donovan Warren is a battle-worn dragon who has danger on his trail. He needs a safehouse, and he needs it now, but the minute he meets the caretaker, he recognizes the risk. She's a maiden, and everyone knows dragons can't resist maidens. What everyone doesn't know--it's a dragon's lust that makes him lose control. Now, he has to resist the beautiful temptation of a woman who drives him to distraction in order to keep them both safe.

Yet, when someone…or something…threatens Roxy, Donovan soon finds himself embroiled in a situation he never saw coming. Thanks to a promise to a purple-haired pixie, he will fight to the death to protect the maiden who could be his destruction...or his salvation…as he becomes the Dragon Next Door.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

All the Magic and Mayhem is Baaaaack!

There's No Place Like Wicked

Nothing pleases Toricellia "Celia" Henderson more than hanging out with friends, giving brilliant snark, and hiding her true identity. She's a bobcat shifter who hasn't shifted in years due to the whole nobody-can-know-who-she-is situation, but she can't deny her best friend's request to locate a treasured stone while in her bobcat form. Unfortunately, now people know her location, and a wild prince named Ethan is chasing her through the forest and looking too hot to handle--and he knows exactly who she is. She’s his mate.

Now, a powerful someone is steering them toward the kingdom of Wicked where an ambitious, warlock cockalorum is trying to take over. They'll have to work together to save the ones they love and to set things right. Magic and mayhem ensue as these two learn there's nothing like having a partner in crime and There's No Place Like Wicked.

Check it out exclusively on Amazon: There's No Place Like Wicked

Written for the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World by Robyn Peterman

You might be asking, “What is a Kindle World?” If so, here's an answer:
It’s basically fan fiction written by authors who adore Robyn Peterman and the wonderful world she's created.
For those of you who prefer a more textbook answer:
Kindle Worlds is an Amazon exclusive program. The titles written for the world can NOT be purchased at other ebook retailers or anywhere besides the Amazon US site, but they can be read on any tablet, computer, or smartphone using the free Kindle App.
Just in case, you might be asking, “Who is Robyn Peterman?”
You are an inquisitive one!  Robyn and I met in a writing group.  After devouring her books, I’ve become a life-long fan. If you haven't picked up one of her books, you might want to. They're fun and unique, and once you finish one, you'll be back for more.
NYT and USA Today best selling author, Robyn Peterman writes because the people inside her head won’t leave her alone until she gives them life on paper. She writes snarky, sexy, funny paranormal and snarky, sexy, funny contemporaries.
Amazing Magic & Mayhem Authors

                                                    Isabel Micheals

                                                    Teresa Reasor

Monday, May 8, 2017

Friends to Lovers/Enemies to Lovers #Instafreebies! Some Really Awesome Reads in There!

Soooo many goodies that can't be missed.  And they're all FREE!

We know that sometimes friends make the perfect lovers if you give them a chance.  And what about your enemy?  Is it because it's so wrong that it feels so right?

Check out these amazing reads split into two categories.  So many friends to lovers stories for all your reading needs, and another load of enemies to lovers to satisfy any reading needs you have left.

Find them all at Romance Books Blog.  Click on the hot covers, and from there, you'll be redirected to instafreebie where you can download as many as your reader or reader app can hold!

Happy Reading!


Friday, March 24, 2017

How About a Free Book? #Instafreebie

Want updates on books, contests, and general good news? Want a FREE read?

Sign up for Cherie's Sensational VIP Reader List and get a copy of The Vampire Next Door FREE.

Click on this Instafreebie link:

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Witches Are Baaacckkk! Magic & Mayhem for Everyone!

The all-time, amazing Robyn Peterman, whose books are such sexy, snarky fun, asked if I'd be interested in writing another story in her Magic and Mayhem Kindle World. My reaction? Do donuts talk to me? Do teenagers roll their eyes? Do shins always find the coffee table in the dark? I'm SO in! 

As a result, along with some other fantabulous authors, I have released another crazy, wonderful story, Show Me the Wicked. Get ready for some Magic and Mayhem because it's going to be a wild and wonderful ride I think you're going to love.

See the awesomeness for yourself at

And if you missed out on Wicked Is As Wicked Does, you can find Book 1 in the Wicked Hearts series, click HERE to check it out. 
Oh! And don't miss out on the fun and prizes Saturday night!

Take a look at the crazy, wonderful lot of them on Amazon US right now.
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin' Impossible 3: Familiar Protocol
by Renee George
Magic and Mayhem: Sh*t My Shifter Says (Wild, Texas Book 2)
by Michele Bardsley
Magic and Mayhem: Poison in Pink
by Saranna DeWylde
Magic and Mayhem: Witch With An Attitude
by Jodi Vaughn
Magic and Mayhem: The Incompetent Witch and the Very Big O
by DC Thome
Magic and Mayhem: Just Like Magic
by Virginia Nelson
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin' A Ride
by Sharon Saracino
Magic and Mayhem: The Witch, The Weeds, and The Were (Spaghetti Romance Book 1)
by Jordan K. Rose
Magic and Mayhem: LOLA: A 'Not-Quite' Witchy Love Story (The 'Not-Quite' Love Story Series Book 6)
by Julia Lake Mills
Magic and Mayhem: Witchin' You're A Dragon (Magick & Chaos Book 3)
by Isabel Micheals
Magic and Mayhem: London Howl (Southern Shift Book 3)
by Hildie McQueen
Magic and Mayhem: Show Me the Wicked (Wicked Hearts Book 2)
by Cherie Marks
Magic and Mayhem: Lucky Magic
by Cate Lawley
Magic and Mayhem: Bridget's Witch's Diary (Witches of Mane Street Book 2)
by Heather Long
And the book that started it all is FREE!!!
Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem Book One
by Robyn Peterman