Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wicked Jackal is Featured as a New Release on Free Kindle Books and Tips Today

Wicked Jackal is part of the #WoodlandCreek collection of books, and is getting terrific reviews so far. Today it is featured as a New Release on Free Kindle Books and Tips. Check out all the interesting offers here:

Oh, and scroll down and enter the contest because the website is giving away a KINDLE.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Release Day for Wicked Jackal and all The Woodland Creek Books!

They're HERE!

Woodland Creek Series. 
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories. 


Anastasiya Petrov ran from her fate. The youngest of seven sisters and promised to one of the Princes of a rival pack, she refuses to be a bargaining chip. Instead, she flees to a remote area in the United States, changes her name to Tasia Connor, and settles into her new life.

Alex Chilikov might be an Estonian prince, but he was raised in the United States and loves it here, especially Woodland Creek, Indiana, where he's followed close behind his bride-to-be. She might be able to hide who she is from the others, but he'd recognize her scent anywhere, and he plans to use his trickster abilities to help him obtain what he wants. He wants out from under his own father's heavy thumb.

However, he's not the only one searching for her. Her father has made some dangerous enemies, and though she continues to attempt to escape Alex's protection, he'll fight to keep her safe. Tasia will risk almost anything to keep her freedom, but only if she can resist a Wicked Jackal.
Check out an excerpt here: Wicked Jackal Page

Also, check out the Release Day Blitz! Make a comment on one or all of the blogs to be entered for a chance to win a gift card to the e-tailer of your choice: Release Day Party!

And, if you want a cool place to hang out and talk the Woodland Creek Series all day today, not to mention, win prizes, check out:

Finally, if you want to hang and talk books, get swag, and just have some crazy fun, join Cherie's Sensational Readers group here:
First cap will be 25, so click quick.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Top Ten Reasons More is Definitely Better!

I've got REALLY exciting news! I've been working on a semi-supersecret project, and it's almost time to share all the awesome deets!  Here's a little teaser to give you an idea.  Feel free to click over to the website to get a little more in-depth information, but for a laugh or two check out my latest Top Ten List first.

Woodland Creek Series.
30 Authors. 30 Shifter Stories.

I haven't done one of these in a while, but just to give you a little more to mull over, here is a Top Ten List of why MORE is BETTER:

10.    Books!  For a reader, there really is no such thing as too many books.  Now, finding any space on your bookshelves? Another story.  Two words: electronic devices.

9.     Do-overs!  Yeah, despite the rumors, I'm not perfect.  Yet, there are people in this world who will love me unconditionally and give me second, third, umpteen chances.  I try not to disappoint them often, but let's face it, do-overs are better when you get a few more.

8.     Star Wars!  The more of these produced, the happier I am.  Sure, not everyone gets it, and I'm not dressing up or anything ::puts Ewok costume away::, but this is brain candy for me.

7.     Office supplies!  My obsession with office supplies might be bordering on a starring role in an A&E show.  Between my day job and the home writing space, I might need an intervention. Nah!

6.     Time!  I've shared with many that if I had one superpower, it would be control of time.  On average over a lifetime, we watch TV 9.1 years (2 years of which are watching commercials), spend about 3 months in traffic (I knew it!), spend 48 days having sex (see hero hubby!), and laugh out loud 290,000 times. For more of these funny statistics, you can find them at

5.     Coffee!  And before you debate this one, you have to see me first thing in the morning.  You'll come over to the dark side (with a little mocha creamer).

4.     Blessings!  Self-explanatory.  Count them as often as you can.

3.     Chocolate!  Also self-explanatory.  Hot, dark, milk, white, all donations are accepted.

2.     Hemsworths!  Francos!  Efrons!  Wayans!  Celebrity Siblings

1.     Shifter stories!  Check out to find out more!

If you want to see my contribution to this amazing series, you can get a sneak peak at

Happy Reading and Writing!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Places I'll Be This Year--Come Say Hi!

Sweet, sweet potatoes and peas, I'm going to be on the road some this year.  And it will be a fab-tabulous time to meet the readers who make my day on a regular basis with e-mails, Facebook LIKE's, Tweets, and all the other ways they reach out.

I'm not going too far from home this time around, but if you're anywhere near these places, feel free to stop by my table and say hey:

Lori Foster's Reader Author Get Together is an event where readers and authors can...well...get together and talk books, books, and more books. I'll have a table set up where I'll sign books June 5, 3:00-5:00 P.M.

Crikettes Bookshelf and Kickback and Relax Book Reviews Blog is hosting the first annual River City Book Bash in Cincinnati, Ohio. Date is set for July 25th, 2015. I'll be signing multiple books from 12:00 to 3:00.

Book signing with multiple authors at The Louisville Palace Theater on Saturday, September 19, 2015 from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Hope I get the chance to meet some of you in person.

Happy Reading and Writing,


Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Vampire Next Door is Available Everywhere!

Her protector might be the most dangerous one of all!

After a three-month stint on Amazon's KU, I'm happy to announce The Vampire Next Door, the second book in the Love Next Door series, is now available at all e-tailers.

For Mia Alexander, the world is getting hotter—literally. Now, just as someone....or threatening her safety, a freaking hottie-like-no-other moves in next door.

Campbell Reid has wandered this earth as a vampire for a long time, but since the tragedy of his family’s death, he’s perfected an unbreakable control—until he catches sight of his latest target. Question is, can he protect her from himself?

Things heat up as the danger closes in, and Campbell fights by her side as The Vampire Next Door.

Find out more here: The Vampire Next Door