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Friday, September 12, 2014


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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Moment Has Arrived...The Covers for The First Two Books in The Love Next Door Series

Scroll down to the end of the excerpt to see the cover of THE VAMPIRE NEXT DOOR.

Notice me. Notice me. Notice me!

Janna glided down the hall toward her apartment door, a grocery bag in each hand. She slowed as she padded behind her undeniably hot neighbor Cade. He stood in front of his door, his head bent over the mail in his hand. He still wore his dark blue police uniform and was probably just coming home from his overnight patrol. It was a testament to her recent goal of smarter decisions and more restraint, with just a dash more truthfulness, that she didn’t jump up and down to get his attention. And to be perfectly honest, she wasn’t entirely sure what would happen if she got too excited. The last thing she needed was to expose the fact that strange things, unexplained, almost magical things, had happened to her and around her lately. No one else had noticed yet, but she didn’t like taking chances, especially with her sexy new neighbor.

Over the past month, since he’d moved in, they’d spoken several times. They’d even become a little close, and as far as men went, he was a Louisville slugger among broomsticks. Her last disastrous relationship had brought her to a momentous decision. Every woman deserved a good man, even her. Of course, she had to get his attention first. She should probably just say hi, but each time she spoke with him, she was afraid the intense attraction she fought so hard to hide would shine big and bold in her eyes. And that would ruin the fun for everyone, especially since he’d clearly put her in the friend-only zone and would probably run screaming in the opposite direction if he knew her feelings had moved way beyond that.

Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Hey, Cade. Just getting home?”

He looked up, and she nearly melted as a sexy smile slid onto his gorgeous face. His deep blue eyes looked a little tired but lit up as he turned toward her. “Yeah, long night. You?”

“I’ve been running errands this morning. I’ve got class in an hour, so my day’s just starting.”

“Well, somebody’s got to learn how to relax people in this world. When you’re working your massage magic, less people will go crazy on the roads. Make my job easier.”

She laughed lightly, but soon grew serious, her breath caught in her throat, as he took a step toward her. A ribbon of heat enveloped her mid-section when he reached her, but rather than wrapping around her like she’d fantasized all too often, he just took the bags from her hands and stepped toward her apartment.

“Thanks, you don’t have to do that.”

“Just being neighborly.”

Oh, her thoughts were anything but neighborly as she watched his fine ass in his uniform pants. Despite the seemingly universal attraction to men in uniform, not every man could actually look hot in one. But Cade did. Too hot--that was if she wanted to keep the drool in her mouth and off her chin.

When they’d first started hanging out on weekends occasionally and in the evenings every once in a while, one of the first things they’d almost-discussed was past relationships. It had come up briefly because of Gertie, Cade’s beautiful white Maltese. Gertie was with him because after his ex- and he split, they’d put the choice to the dog, and Gertie had chosen him. Janna wasn’t at all fooled, though. He loved that little dog.

In the end, he hadn’t elaborated other than to say the relationship ended a year ago, but she’d gotten the impression he’d sworn relationships off for a while, so it must have been a rough finish. Janna decided to slow-play her attraction, but it was getting harder and harder to hide.

He stopped in front of her door. She unlocked it and tried to think back to where she’d dropped last night’s pajamas--in her living room floor or the hamper in the bedroom. Had she put her dishes in the sink? Maybe, if she were lucky, a fairy had whisked in while she was gone and cleaned things up for her.

As the door swung open, she saw her hot pink sleep shirt and black thong between the coffee table in front of her couch and her flat-screen. Yeah, no fairies here.

She rushed inside and picked them up. “Oops. Guess I was in a hurry to get out of here this morning.”

A quick look in his direction floored her. He was framed in her doorway, his gaze roaming down her body, lingering around her abdomen and breasts, and back up again. The heat in his eyes was anything but friendly. It sizzled with lust, but just as quickly, it was gone, replaced with an easy-going smile as he walked inside. “No problem. I’m not exactly Mr. Organized. Where do you want these?”

“Um, just set them down there. I’ll take care of them.”

He set the bags on the hardwood just inside the door but didn’t immediately leave. “I’m off duty the next couple days and there’s a game on tonight. You want to come over?”

The idea she was a professional basketball fan persisted still. But in her defense, she had been to a game once with an easily forgettable date, and though she wouldn’t officially qualify as a fan, so much as a spectator when it was convenient, she couldn’t really confess the truth now. Of course, it didn’t hurt that watching a game gave her an opportunity to spend time with Cade.

“Sure, I’d love to.” She cringed and suppressed the heated glow low in her abdomen that signaled a craptastically paranormal activity was imminent. She couldn’t get too excited or who knew what would result. Things would be donions before they even got started. She should have played it a little closer to the chest anyway. She’d probably sounded like he’d just sprinkled pepper on her brain. She needed to keep the crowd to a whisper. That’s cool…sure, dude. Couldn’t take it back now. Hopefully he wouldn’t read too much into it, and she could control these weird new happenings before they…well…happened.

“Great. I’ll see you around seven or seven-thirty.”

He left and she carried the grocery bags to the kitchen. That could have been eagerness in his voice. And what was with that lustful look? Could he be attracted to her too? No way. He’d probably run screaming if she even so much as sat too close to him. One thing she knew for sure, if she didn’t get a grip on this fascination with him soon, she was going to be headed for a check-up from the neck up.

She reached mindlessly for a box of cereal and turned to put it into a cabinet hanging next to the refrigerator, but came to a screeching halt, dropping the box to the floor as she took in the view before her. Every cabinet door was standing wide open, as if by magic. What the hell was going on?

Had the darkness found a way inside? A haunting was completely out of the question, wasn't it? Or was she going completely crazy? Note to self: head-check, not a bad idea.

She picked up the cereal and glanced around cautiously before setting the box into the cabinet and closing it. She carefully closed all the doors and went back to pulling groceries from the bags. Nothing else strange happened the rest of the morning, but the damage was done now. Now, she was sure something was off, like off inside her. So unfair. She’d met the man of her dreams, and now she was losing her mind. Wasn’t that always the way it went?

The minute she stepped out her apartment door, Mia was nearly blinded.  She fumbled for her sunglasses and quickly set them on her face.  Was it just her, or was this whole global warming thing happening, like, now.  Stinging prickles dotted her skin wherever the sun hit, and the thought occurred that maybe she should forget her classes, go back inside, pop open a bottle of wine, and wait for some clouds to roll in.
            Wait!  Was she really hoping for a rainy day?  Something was seriously wrong with her brain.
            She released a heavy sigh, adjusted the bag slung over her shoulder and locked her front door before walking toward her Chevy Traverse, parked in one of the covered slots in the row of spaces assigned to her particular section of the complex.  She felt a little relief when she stepped into the shade of the structure covering the cars.  As she approached her own though, the car next to hers drew her attention.  It was a Jeep Wrangler, but more to the point, it was new.  She’d never seen it here before.  It was probably just a guest, visiting someone in an apartment close by, but guests were given specific spots to park.  This space was reserved for residents only.
            She was probably just being paranoid, so she shook off her concern and unlocked her car.  It wasn’t like she was going to the management to complain or anything.  And it wasn’t like whatever creeper was in her apartment the other night was going to move in next door and become her neighbor.  That was too far-fetched to even consider.
            As she was climbing in, a large rumbling sounded from around the side of the building.  Too drawn out to be thunder, it didn’t look like she was going to get a break from the sun today.  She looked up just as a large moving truck rounded the corner and began to slow right behind her in the parking lot, blocking her exit.
            Aaah, c’mon!  Timing was everything.  A few seconds earlier and she’d have been on her way, but such was the way things were going lately.
            Two men climbed from the cab, one short and rotund, the other slant-shouldered and skinny and walked toward the apartments, passing her car in the process.  Hello?  Didn’t they see her?  Couldn’t they hear the foul words flying through her mind right now?  Couldn’t they feel her desperation?  Clearly her mental telepathy was broken.  She’d just have to do this the old-fashioned way and threaten them within an inch of their life if they didn’t crawl back into that metal behemoth and move it the hell out of her way.
            She flung her door wide and stepped out, standing in the vee made by the door and the car.  “Excuse me!  Hey!  You’re blocking me in.”
            They didn’t even pause in their strides, just continued to walk toward the apartment next door to hers.  She growled in frustration and slammed her car door a little hard as she gritted her teeth and braved the sunshine again to stomp after them.
            “Hey!  Could you move your truck?  I have to be somewhere, like, now.”
            They finally turned and stared wide-eyed as she made her way toward them, and at the same moment, the door to the apartment opened.  Mia stopped in her tracks at the sight in the doorway.  Arms crossed over his black t-shirt pulled tight across a muscled chest, his gaze met hers immediately, like he’d known she was there before he’d opened the door.  His eyes were golden-green, so focused on her, she could almost feel his stare, and there was intelligence there, as if he already knew all her secrets.  The thought he was nothing like other men jumped to the forefront of her mind.  Like a lord of the underworld, he gave off the most dangerous vibe she’d ever felt, and in that moment, the urge to run was strong.  It didn’t help that the sun was burning her skin to a crisp, and she needed to be driving away at this very moment anyway.
            “Something wrong?”  His voice was rich and smooth, like cool water over her parched skin, and her feet moved toward him without thought until she stood between the two deliverymen.  He gently gripped her upper arm, sending wild, electrical pulses chasing throughout her body, and pulled her through the door of his apartment.  The relief from the sun was instant.  “Maybe I can help you.”
            She nodded and for the first time, noticed features other than his eyes.  He was tall, probably well over six-feet.  His blond hair was a little long, falling soft and straight to his ears and to the back of his collar, and the thought of feeling the silk of his hair sliding through her hands sent a thrill through her mid-section.  His sculpted cheekbones paired perfectly with his aristocratic nose and his prominent jaw, highlighting the symmetry of his tasty mouth.  She wanted to lick his lips and see if they felt as soft to her tongue as they looked to her eyes.  The thought brought a rush of heat across her chest and up her neck.  This time she couldn’t blame it on the sun.
            He’d asked her something and said something after, but she couldn’t for the life of her remember what she’d needed from him.  He smelled so good.  Her nose filled with a rich, delicious spice that was familiar, and she couldn’t get enough of it as she pulled it into her nostrils again and again.  Like the worst kind of chick flick, all she could do was stare, and a little laugh escaped at the picture of the surreal movie-moment she was currently living popped into her head.  This was so unlike her.  She didn’t get rattled by anything.  She rattled first.


Tonight's the night!  I can't wait to share the covers of these two books set to release next month!  To make the moment special, I've created one of those Facebook event thingies :) where I'll be giving out some gift cards and an e-copy of Lost in New Falls.  Join me from 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM at The Love Next Door Series Cover Reveal.

Here's just a piece of each cover along with blurbs:

Happy Reading and Writing!

Cherie Marks

For a little laughter and a lot of love, pick up a copy of Lost in New Falls!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Top Ten Reasons This Will Be THE BEST WRITING SUMMER EVA!!

This summer has been long in coming, but worth the wait because I'm hitting the ground running.  In the immortal words of one Michael Jackson, "Don't stop 'til you get enough! Hee-hee!" So, I don't intend to stop this summer until I have the three creative works I've been pouring my soul into this past year up and out there.  So, how will this happen?  It will come about thanks to the Top Ten Reasons This Will Be THE BEST WRITING SUMMER EVA!

10.  Finally got a new laptop, two months after the untimely death of my faithful sidekick who met a sad end right as things were starting to get good. (Fortunately, no work was lost in the process)
9.    The pool is open and my adorable minions don't need me to keep their heads above water anymore.  So, I'm free to sit comfy on the side and type on the aforementioned, new laptop.
8.    My day job responsibilities are few and far between this summer, and if all goes well on the writing-front...they might just disappear all together.
7.    One word--R-E-S-P-E-C-T--Everyone in the household is on board with me being a writer.
6.    I've gone to enough author-reader events now that I'm completely addicted, and the only way to justify more events is to put out more work.
5.    My beta readers are chomping at the bit for the new stuff. (It's coming soon! Promise!)
4.    The nice Indian Dell service representative walked me through releasing the build up of static electricity from the battery of my new laptop so that it would once again turn on. (Yes, this really was a thing.)
3.    I've got the best writing network (WOOT! KIW) surrounding me and working with me, guiding me, and condoling me when things don't go as planned (as they so often don't).
2.    My formatting and cover design skills have come a long way over the past few years.
1.    Finally, as #2 set up, I have two covers to reveal here for a new Paranormal Romance Series I've been working on that will go with the two releases I can't wait to put out there.

So, check back here a week from Thursday, for the BIG REVEAL!

Until then, happy reading and writing!


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Review of One Naughty Night by Joanne Rock

One Naughty Night
ISBN: 0-373-69151-3

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Harlequin Temptation, Single in South Beach series
November 2003 / Re-released digitally February 2014

One naughty woman…
The sweet, innocent blonde on the dance floor is way out of her league in this hot, singles club. And the minute Renzo Cesare recognizes that, his protective instincts step up to the plate while he tries to rescue her. If that means pretending to be Esme Giles's blind date, well, so be it. But before he can escort her to safety, she starts whispering some not so innocent suggestions in his ear. How is a guy supposed to be noble when all he can think about is hitting the sheets?

One naughty man…
Esme Giles is turning over a new leaf-starting with a seduction. Sure, it's a bold move for her reserved self, but one look at her sexy date and she'll do almost anything to convince this hottie to spend a sizzling night with her. Too bad he's the wrong man! But Renzo's red-hot kisses convince her that she's found the right man…for more than just a night!
And a bed that's just right!

First of all, let me say, I want a Renzo!  What a great hero!  This sexy Italian guy isn't just a gorgeous body who falls for the heroine of the story.  His family values and strong, protective instinct are just as attractive as his good looks.  Joanne Rock amazingly brought the sweet together with the sensual and turned up the heat at just the right moments.  Esme was a heroine I could relate to in her struggle to remain independent and strong, yet allow herself to let go and be vulnerable in order to fall in love with the right guy.  I'll be rushing to snatch up the other books in this series and any others by Joanne Rock. This book earned Five Stars from me!

Happy Reading and Writing!
Cherie Marks

Friday, February 14, 2014

Join in for Joanne Rock's Get Tempted Tour

Get tempted banner
Get Tempted… with four of Joanne Rock’s Temptations!

This is my stop during the Get Tempted book blitz. This book blitz is organized by Lola's Blog Tours.
Joanne Rock writes sexy romance for Harlequin Blaze. Now, for the first time, you can read the books that launched her career before Blaze-- Joanne’s fun and sexy Harlequin Temptation novels in Kindle and NOOK! Read her Golden Heart winning book, Learning Curves and her first RITA finalist book, One Naughty Night, which is also her most reprinted book around the world. All of Joanne’s Temptation books won multiple awards and paved the way to her long career in Blaze. Join her as she celebrates this fun walk down memory lane with hard-to-find books you’ll love!

learningcurvesLearning Curves
By Joanne Rock

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult

Sociology scholar Madeline Watson can't wait to undertake the study of human mating rituals for her dissertation. Too bad the university thinks upstanding Madeline has spent too much time in the ivory tower to undertake such an earthy subject. Now she needs to shed her good girl image in a hurry, and she knows just the man to help her.
Mechanic-turned-business mogul Cal Turner might teach part time at the university, but he's definitely not ready to provide the proper Miss Watson with the kind of lessons she's looking for. Besides, despite his long-standing reputation as a rebel, Cal is ready to turn his life around now that guardianship of his younger sister is on the line.
Once Maddy decides to turn herself into bad girl extraordinaire, Cal has no choice but put out the fire in her wake. Will he be able to bring her to her senses, or will he get caught up in the blaze along with her?
Learning curves Excerpt:
…For the first time since he'd picked Maddy up at her doorstep, Cal allowed his gaze to travel slowly up her legs and over her curves in the dim lights from over the garage's reception desk. The professor wanted love lessons?

Well, by God, he'd do his best to make sure he taught her well before she found herself another tutor. No way would he let this sweet woman fall into the hands of some slam-bam-thank you-ma'am clod.

She flashed him her "A plus" grin, making his mouth go dry as chalk dust. Her faith in him was a bracing reminder that this woman wasn't just another fling. No matter how scientifically professor Maddy approached this business of seduction, nothing would ever be the same between them after tonight. He had to make their time together something she would never, ever forget.
"What about tonight's lesson in seduction?" He had been wanting to touch her for four years. He didn't think he could wait for her any longer.

At the door, she paused. She looked up at him with her most infectious bad girl grin. "I've decided there would be nothing more seductive than to learn among pink bubbles."

Oh, God. Where on earth did little Miss Innocent come up with erotic ideas like this? He waited for a moment, trying to envision how he could accommodate her without getting them both killed by twirling brushes.


Her soft request undid him, made him ready to slay dragons or heavy car wash equipment if need be. He leaned over her, powerless to keep his hands off her another minute.

Her eyes closed when his hand brushed around her waist, tangling in the length of her silky brown hair. She slid slender arms around his neck. Cal braced himself on the glass door behind her, the thrum of the machines vibrating though the barrier and up his arms to shake his whole world.
Her lips tilted toward him. He wanted nothing more than to accept that tempting offer and lose himself in her kiss, but first he would make sure this was one lesson she'd never forget. He scooped her off her feet, into his arms and backed them through the service door…

You can find Learning Curves on Goodreads

You can buy Learning Curves here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
revealed (1)Revealed
By Joanne Rock

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category Adult

A bachelor party seems an unlikely place to find romance, until the best man runs off with the reluctant stripper…
When her costume ends up falling around her ankles in an impromptu striptease, Jackie Brady realizes she just sang to the wrong party. Somehow these bachelors weren't expecting "Happy Birthday"-even if it was a rather revealing rendition. But the steamy look in gorgeous best man Greg De Costa's eyes tells her he's more than pleased she crashed the party. So what harm would there be in accepting bachelor number two's seductive invitation?
Greg is spellbound by this sexy singer-even before she loses her costume! He definitely wants to know more about the sensual Jackie. But, through a not-so-funny twist of fate they're working together and he's vowed never to mix business with pleasure. Too bad the memory of her scorching kisses has him forgetting about his good intentions…
Revealed Excerpt:
Jackie started to panic when her tail fell off for the third time. Thank God for duct tape or her fuzzy pants could have well been down around her ankles before she danced her way into the restaurant.

She finished her costume adjustments and smoothed her glued-on whiskers just as the elevator doors slid open. Careful not to tread on her ailing tail, she stepped into the penthouse level eatery of a downtown Boston brownstone. Now all she needed to do was locate the birthday boy, sing her telegram song, and then she could reclaim her Friday night as her own.

So what if her stint as a singing telegram wasn't exactly rocket science? It paid more than her daytime work as a copywriter. Both jobs were only a means to an end anyway. She was prepared to abide a few sacrifices to achieve her dream of being a composing children's music.

Besides, there was a certain nobility in any job that involved making people happy. A nobility that could scarcely be diminished by the kitty ears perched on her head.

The squeak of her tennis shoes on the polished wooden floor resounded throughout the dining area. Patrons paused between bites of mozzarella sticks and greasy chicken wings to note the cat woman strolling in their midst.

Not that Jackie cared.

But then, she'd been causing too much commotion all of her life. There was the time she decided to sing the elements of the periodic table for her science fair project. Sure she'd ruffled the feathers of all the kids who'd made robots, but she'd taken second place at the state competition. Then, just last week she'd gone out on a limb at a singing audition by transforming a rendition of a melodic herbal store jingle into a semi-tuneful Tarzan-inspired jungle cry.

Jackie was no stranger to turning heads. Or taking risks. Sometimes they paid off, like the science fair victory. Sometimes they landed her back on the pavement singing telegrams, as last week's unsuccessful audition proved.

Still, she wondered how she'd gotten suckered into this last minute singing assignment when all she'd wanted to do tonight was recharge her creative batteries and develop some new song concepts. She'd had an idea rattling around in her brain-- some rough lyrics for a new diet soda commercial she would polish and put on her demo tape. But the Zing-O-Gram office temp had sounded so desperate when she'd called, Jackie had no choice but to cover tonight's late breaking gig.

Just her luck, she had to be the only Zing-O-Gram employee on call without a date lined up for a Friday night. Nothing new there. Sure she had plenty of offers. Heck, the cat get-up on its own could usually elicit a few dinner invitations in the course of an evening.

But never from the right sort of guys. Jackie wanted a man who knew how to have a good time— someone who cared more about following his heart and his dreams than the Almighty Buck. Boston was full of gorgeous men, but they all seemed to be on a relentless career fast track that Jackie refused to enter.

Too bad.

She would locate Gregory the birthday boy, sing him a cute song for his special day, and be on her way back to her solo Friday night. She'd be fine without a man in her life, and she'd be fine getting through tonight's performance.

Assuming she didn't burst a seam on this two sizes too small cat costume first.

Jackie took slow, shallow breaths to ensure the black fuzzy suit stayed in place. She could handle this as long as she kept her song in a manageable octave. Those high notes had been known to strain even the best of seams-- she sure as heck wasn't about to try shattering any glass outfitted in this feline shrink-wrap. She'd just keep the tune in a comfortable range and she'd have no problem staying in her garb.

She was singing a simple ditty at a birthday party for a six-year old boy. What could possibly go wrong?

You can find Revealed on Goodreads

You can buy Revealed here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo
tall_dark_and_daringTall, Dark and Daring
By Joanne Rock

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult

Her dare
Tessa O’Neal has taken on her sexy old flame, Mitch Ryder, as a client. That means she has to spend the next seven days in this man’s constant company and not fall into his bed. No problem. They may have once set the sheets on fire but she can definitely resist him. After all, that was then, this is now and she got him out of her system long ago.
His challenge
Mitch has never forgotten the passionate time he spent with Tessa. And he wants to relive it. So before the week is up, he’s going to use every sensual secret he knows to seduce her back into his arms. But their hot embraces are more powerful than ever and now they’ll have to decide if they’re daring enough to extend their week…
Tall Dark and Daring Excerpt:
"So you'll take a truth over a dare?" Ines asked Tessa, crossing her braceleted arms.

"Any day." Tessa would much rather reveal some inane secret of her past than sing a chorus of 
"It's Raining Men" out on the South Beach strip.

How much trouble could she get in with a simple game over drinks with her girlfriend?

Ines smiled. "Remember, you have to tell the truth."

Tessa sighed. "I hope you don't expect me to cross my heart and stick a needle in my eye and all that."

"I trust you. You still want to take the truth?"

"Sometime today. Yes." Tessa stared down at her empty ring finger where Rob's engagement diamond had rested just this morning.

"Are you still in love with Mitch Ryder?"

The name blasted away all thoughts of Rob and his ring.

Mitch Ryder. The first man she'd ever been with. The man she couldn't help but compare all others to.

The wretch who'd ditched her to travel the world with a snowboarding team.

Her foggy brain realized she was taking too long to answer. "What kind of question is that?"

"It's the kind I want an answer to," Ines replied as she waved away their waiter.

"I can't answer that," Tessa returned, indignant on her own behalf. "That was eight years ago!" She waved the waiter back and ordered another round. She refused to make this a night of sappy regrets.

Ines leaned across the table when their server left. "Then you have to take a double dare."

"Fine." She was too annoyed to care about the consequences of a double dare.

Of course, she most certainly was not still hung up on Mitch Ryder. She'd had one husband and one fiancé since then, so how could she be? The point was, she just didn't want to discuss Mitch with anyone.

Especially not with Ines who could pry confessions from a priest if given half a chance. Besides, Tessa knew she might harbor just a little affection for the guy-- even if he had walked away from the hottest affair ever to scorch across the Northeast.

"Are you sure you don't want to just answer the question?" Ines prodded.

The next round of drinks arrived, and Tessa raised her shot glass full of jiggling cherry alcohol in mock salute. "That chapter of my life is closed and I'm not talking, so bring on the double dare, girlfriend. I'm ready."

Ines retrieved her purse from the floor and pulled out a manila file folder with the Westwood Marketing seal on one corner. "Then I'd like to reopen the book, so to speak." She passed the file to Tessa.

A business dare? It was unlike Ines to challenge her with something so mundane, and something Tessa would actually enjoy. Tessa loved a good test of her marketing skills.

Curious, she opened the file and stared down at the business name on the cover sheet.

Mogul Ryders Snowboards.

Proprietor: Mitch Ryder.

"Meet your new client, Tessa. I'm sending you to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York for your last week on the job." Ines sipped her wine as calmly as if she'd just announced she'd decided to paint her bathroom. "I hear there's lots of snow on the ground."

"What?" Tessa's heart kicked up a rhythm so fast her blood outpaced the salsa music. Ines expected her to go back to the scene of her long ago affair and work with the man who'd turned her world upside down? "That's not a double dare, Ines, that's blackmail!"

"You are right that's not a double dare, querida. That's just the first part."

"There's more?" The file folder fell closed in her hand as Tessa waited for the other shoe to drop. She suspected the bunny hop would be a walk in the park compared to whatever torture Ines had cooked up.

"Si." Ines's self-satisfied grin revealed every tooth. "I dare you to stay out of his bed for the whole week, Tessa."

A week? Last time she hadn't been able to stay out of his bed for three days. The man was a walking aphrodisiac.

And somehow, Tessa had the feeling she'd just agreed to a lethal dose.

You can find Tall Dark and Daring on Goodreads
You can buy Tall Dark and Daring here:
- Amazon
- Barnes & Noble
- Kobo

one_naughty_nightOne Naughty Night
By Joanne Rock

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age category: Adult

One naughty woman…
The sweet, innocent blonde on the dance floor is way out of her league in this hot, singles club. And the minute Renzo Cesare recognizes that, his protective instincts step up to the plate while he tries to rescue her. If that means pretending to be Esme Giles's blind date, well, so be it. But before he can escort her to safety, she starts whispering some not so innocent suggestions in his ear. How is a guy supposed to be noble when all he can think about is hitting the sheets?
One naughty man…
Esme Giles is turning over a new leaf-starting with a seduction. Sure, it's a bold move for her reserved self, but one look at her sexy date and she'll do almost anything to convince this hottie to spend a sizzling night with her. Too bad he's the wrong man! But Renzo's red-hot kisses convince her that she's found the right man…for more than just a night!
And a bed that's just right!
One Naughty Night Excerpt:
…Renzo could not, should not, would not, get any more involved with Esme. The whole charade had been ill conceived and it would be least embarrassing for all parties concerned if he simply said good night to her right now.

Just as soon as he knew she was safely inside her room.

Once they cleared the Moulin Rouge Lounge and hit the bank of elevators, she paused, fishing in her purse.

"I'm on the fourth floor in the Sensualist's Suite. Maybe I'd better find my key." She shook her purse as the elevator arrived. Apparently convinced the key lay within the white satin bag, Esme began the search with determination etched on her delicate jaw line.

"The Sensualist's Suite?" He had no idea why he tortured himself by asking as they stepped inside the elevator.

Maybe because liars deserved to be tortured.

Withdrawing the plastic card from her bag as they soared up to the necessary floor, Esme's cheeks flushed lightly. "It's the kind of room that has to be seen to be believed. I had no idea the accommodations here were so…" Her eyes darted about the tiny elevator cabin—outfitted in soft brown suede walls and decorated with a fake leopard print covered bench— as if in search of the right word. Finally, her gaze landed on him. "…so sexy."

His body twitched in reaction to the word rolling off her tongue. In reaction to their proximity in the quiet privacy of the small space.

The torture had officially begun…

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