Lost in Christmas

Sunny Willis, New Falls’ resident librarian and soon-to-be doctoral expert on classical, nude art, can’t locate the woman who practically raised her. Her only hope is the deputy who makes her heart pound. Can she focus enough to avoid the dangers of dilapidated police cars, flirty tow-truck drivers, and nosy townspeople to be reunited with her nana?

Bennett Jamison has a lot to prove as the newest New Falls' deputy. When a missing person case arises, he wants to do everything by the book. Unfortunately, the girl he’s never stopped crushing on compromises his investigation and turns his thoughts romantic. He needs to get over her and do his job. If she’d just stop being so irresistible.

In New Falls, Tennessee, people and belongings go missing, but they usually resurface, and everything takes a turn toward love. Can Bennett and Sunny navigate their growing affection and find those who are missing before they get Lost in Christmas?

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