Saturday, April 2, 2022

A New Collection of Magic and Mayhem is Almost Here!

 Come Preorder Bespelled by Love!

In a far-off dimension, a kingdom is in turmoil. With perfect timing and the right spells, triumph is in sight, as three couples of the kingdom battle evil and are bespelled by love.

Spell Me Once

All she wanted was one more chance to get it right.

Gemma Marolinia is a witch with regrets. Maverick Waraxe promised the King he would find the princess and bring her home. Of course, the more time they spend together, the more he falls for the dangerous beauty who surprises him with her capacity to care for others.

Spell Me Twice

When the time comes, the heroes of the story must rise.

Niya Dartan is a witch with something to prove. Captain Tavorius Olander feels broken inside. Now, together, they will rescue the heirs and save the kingdom, and Tay will fight to be worthy of her heart.

Spell Me Always

A witch with bad juju…A shifter too curious for his own good…Put them together and you might just save the world…if you don't destroy it first.