Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Right Kind of Magic and Mayhem!


Can't get enough of the Magic and Mayhem Universe?

I love the crazy world of Assjacket! If you are anything like me, you are ready for a whole new batch of laughs, love, and happily ever afters!

Once again, twenty authors (plus ONE more--THE unmatched author who started it ALL, Robyn Peterman) have taken their love of the world of Zelda, Mac, Baba Yaga (Carol), Sassy, and all the other lovable peeps and developed new fictional stories for all the fans (and the brave and curious) to enjoy.

In the second book in the Bewitched by Love series, Spell Me Twice, you'll get a grumpy familiar named Jeff, a cackling witch with an agenda, and, of course, the tension of friends to lovers as Niya and Tay try to save their world from an evil they thought was vanquished forever. Maverick, Gemma, Hadden, Gaston, and, of course, grumpy-ass Jeff from Spell Me Once return to bring more of the Magic and the Mayhem. It's an adventure with romance and humor, creating all the feels. Pick up these new reads today!

So many talented authors have created sexy, snarky tales using the awesome universe of Robyn's making. And they're available for Pre-order now.
Magic & Mayhem Universe

Elle Boon The Leopards Witchy Mate

Mina Carter Witch on the Case

Saranna DeWylde / Sara Lunsford Risky Witchness (With Bonus Story Poison in Pink)

Teresa Treadway Gabelman Wicked Relations

Renee George Hex Me With Your Best Shot

Amy Gregory Holiday Sparks

Susan Hayes Too Hexy For Her Wand

Jane Hinchey One Minute to Midnight

Scarlet Le Clair Pirates, Spies and Zombie Sheep

Cherie Marks Spell Me Twice

Donna Jane McDonald Talk Fairy To Me

R.L. Merrill Fang Me Three Times, Baby

Monette Michaels/ Monette Draper What A Witch Finds

Isabel Micheals Witch With A Bone To Pick

Julia Lake Mills That Rex Gotta Roar

Dawn Montgomery Cupcakes and Curses 101

Julie Morgan The Sassy Goddess

Virginia Nelson Any Witch Way but West

Robyn Peterman The Bad Boys of A$$jacket

Kate Richards Witch Way Underground

J Thompson/ Jenn Thompson Tail of a Witch

When the time comes, the heroes of the story rise.

Niya Dartan is a witch with something to prove. Having lived her life in the shadow of her successful family, she must now test her talents to save her charge, Prince Hadden. Along with his sister, Princess Gemma, he disappeared with few clues. Now, while keeping a stranglehold on her libido, she must work with the sexy and hard-headed Captain of the Royal Guard to mount a rescue. As difficult as it will be, she must come out of the shadows because, according to Princess Gemma’s grumpy, old-fart, cat familiar, Jeff, only Niya will know where to find the missing heirs.

Captain Tavorius Olander feels broken inside. Found on the front doorstep of his adopted parents’ home, his origin is a mystery. As a result, he never felt worthy of his position and never formed close relationships…except with Niya. As childhood friends, they chased trouble together. Now, he needs her help to locate the missing members of the royal family. He must follow her lead and squash the forbidden feelings Niya stirs in him. As the captain, he should be able to keep his priorities straight. But for some reason, he can’t when it’s Niya.

With distracting familiars, meddling witches, mysterious sisters, and a possible return of an evil being, they must stay on their toes because when once is not enough, you better Spell Me Twice.