Saturday, June 6, 2020

Return of the Magic and Mayhem Universe!

If you could go back and change something in your life, would you? That's the question Gemma Marolinia must answer, and she needs to do it before she's caught by a hunter sent to bring her back to Linwyn for justice. Unfortunately, the hunter is way too attractive, and she just might actually want to get caught.

Spell Me Once is my newest addition to the Magic and Mayhem Universe, Robyn Peterman's amazing world of fun, fantasy, and fascinating stories.

All she wanted was one more chance to get it right.

Gemma Marolinia is a witch with regrets. Heir to the Linwynian throne, she has also been trained as an assassin. Gemma is blamed for an assassination attempt on her father the King, and she sees no way to clear her name. As a rule, when conflict arises, she believes in the flight philosophy. She who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day. Now, her past has caught up to her, and she can no longer run. She must face her fears and trust others, especially an attractive hunter who has been sent to bring her to justice. It’s time to right the wrongs of her past with a spell that will send her back in time.

Maverick Waraxe promised the King he would find the princess and bring her home. Yet, Gemma refuses to come peacefully. He agrees to help her find the book of spells, but only if she comes with him to answer for her crimes. Of course, the more time they spend together, the more he falls for the dangerous beauty who surprises him with her capacity to care for others. She is a walking paradox, and if she gets her way, she might just unravel the very fabric of time.

Sometimes you wish you could go back in time to change the things you did wrong, but you better only Spell Me Once because you might not get another chance.

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