Monday, May 8, 2017

Friends to Lovers/Enemies to Lovers #Instafreebies! Some Really Awesome Reads in There!

Soooo many goodies that can't be missed.  And they're all FREE!

We know that sometimes friends make the perfect lovers if you give them a chance.  And what about your enemy?  Is it because it's so wrong that it feels so right?

Check out these amazing reads split into two categories.  So many friends to lovers stories for all your reading needs, and another load of enemies to lovers to satisfy any reading needs you have left.

Find them all at Romance Books Blog.  Click on the hot covers, and from there, you'll be redirected to instafreebie where you can download as many as your reader or reader app can hold!

Happy Reading!



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Had I come across this blog post a year ago, I would’ve opened this link and read those books. But these days I am trying to develop my taste by reading philosophical books.

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Yeah... I agree with you best friends could be the best lovers because they know each and everything about each other and still they don't mind for weak points.

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