Sunday, June 10, 2012

Six Sunday--Have Mercy

Hello, sixy-sixers.  Time once again to hang with an amazing group of people, who listen to the voices in their heads, and spill stories onto the blank page until we are awesomely entertained.  Yes, it's time once again for Six Sentence Sunday.

Adding six more sentences of my soon-to-be-pubbed Young Adult from which my flash fiction short was pulled.  The short was titled "Mercy," and can be downloaded for free atSmashwordsKobo, or Barnes and Noble.

Still at the beginning with our MC, sixteen-year-old Charlie, who is not at all what she seems, so here we go:

In the community, I’d had bad days. I’d had days where I questioned if it really was an advantage to survive inside the protected walls, but tonight took it to an extreme level. Night inside the compound was normally terrifying, what with sure death constantly clawing to get inside.  But this night eclipsed them all.
I covered my ears and gritted my teeth to keep the bubbled scream trapped in my chest. Without my tight hold on my emotions, fear would pop free in a loud, long wail.

Read more Six Sentence Sundays here, or sign up to participate next week. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday.

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Tempe O said...

Passionate and powerful six! Deff draws me in. I want more :c)

Jessica E. Subject said...

Very intriguing! :)

Veronica Scott said...

Intense, conjures up the night scene extremely well. Can't wait to read this - great six!

Amy said...

Intriguing six, Cherie! Looking forward to this one!