Saturday, June 2, 2012

Six Sunday--Have Mercy

After a short hiatus, I'm excited to be participating in Six Sentence Sunday again.  I'm excited to debut the unedited six sentences of my soon-to-be-pubbed Young Adult from which my flash fiction short was pulled for a contest.  The short was titled "Mercy," and can be downloaded for free at Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble.

I'm starting at the beginning with our MC, sixteen-year-old Charlie, who is not at all what she seems, so here we go:

This wasn’t a freakin’ animated fairy tale like the ones I’d watched in the movies or on television so long ago. I knew that well, thank you very much. Movies and television were gone now. No more radio, no more Internet, no more tests of the emergency broadcast system. All gone, and we were back to the basics, back to the primal earth in a constant game of predator versus prey, and we were no longer the predators. Trust me, it was no fun being the prey.

Read more Six Sentence Sundays here, or sign up to participate next week. Hope you have an enjoyable Sunday.

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Jessica E. Subject said...

Wonderful! You established the character's voice, added some world-building, and left me wanting more. :)

Sidney Bristol said...

Uh-ho, where is she now? Great six!

Karyn Good said...

Wonderful six! Raises so many questions. Love your voice!!!

sue said...

Excellent - wow no internet - and true being pery is not a good thing. What happened to the world?

Veronica Scott said...

Hmmm, she sounds tough enough to handle being prey (and turning the tables). I LIKE her, set up sounds very interesting - great six!

Anonymous said...

Great intro to her, full of voice and an underlying tension. Definitely sounds like she's not in an ideal place :)