Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What's the Appeal of the $.99 or FREE Book?

I love a deal! Seems like almost everyone does. All this recent talk about book pricing, has me thinking.  On many of my loops lately, it's all anyone can post about, and everyone's out to find the best deals. The good news, apparently, rather than randomly searching for these deals, there are websites devoted specifically to identifying the latest cheap e-book reads.  Sites like http://ereadernewstoday.com/ and http://www.pixelofink.com/     advertise low cost or free e-books.

But why are readers drawn to these kind of deals?

The reality is, with the exception of a used book store, there really aren't any brick and mortar bookstores that offer this kind of deal.  I've never walked into the Barnes and Noble in my nearby shopping center and been directed toward a section of free books.  Why?  Because it took money to print those puppies, and BN isn't going to display anything they aren't going to get a cut of, so they sure aren't giving books away for free.  Besides, they'll tell you they do discount, but looking at the cheapest prices at BN, most discounted books are at a rough estimate of $7.99 on average.

Another reason is that, as readers, we've been burned before.  We've bought a book at full price and a third of the way in, found we just couldn't go on.  Yes, even purchasing a "traditionally published" book from a brick and mortar is risky.  So, of  course, it stands to reason, the less we spend on a purchase, the less likely we will be unsatisfied at the end of the read.  The hope is, we'll be pleasantly surprised and willingly pay a little more for the next book to continue reading a new author we like and didn't have to risk an uncomfortable amount of money to find.

Now it's your turn, why do you think readers flock to the deals?  What is the draw of the $.99 or FREE book?

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