Monday, May 14, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...

If you happen to live in a cave or a hole or something (of course, how would you have internet access, but that's beside the point), you might have missed the latest uproar in the indie publishing realm.  Turns out, a literary agent, who I just happen to have attended a conference where he was the speaker, has stuck the old proverbial foot in the mouth.

It seems Scott Eagan has certainly woken the bear.  If you haven't seen or heard the controversy you might want to check out a few websites.

It all started when Ann Voss Peterson guest posted a blog on J.A. Konrath's (who has now written a post of his own about the situation) about  a certain publishing house's fail with the contract clauses for authors.

This post alone created a hailstorm of controversy.  As an author, I'm still trying to navigate my way through this new publishing world, and my interest was piqued to say the least.

Next thing I know, I get an e-mail telling me to check out The Passive Guy's blog and the craziness Scott Eagan unleashed with his own blogpost.  Seems he couldn't help commenting on a blog that was anti-trad publishing and concerned an author who was dissatisfied by contracts at a certain publishing house.  He personally had no problem with this publishing house.  Unfortunately, he had many, many opinions about the situation that he would have been better off just thinking in his noggin and not committing to screen, as it were.  I would link to that post, but at any rate, after the commenting began, he removed the incendiary blogpost, only firing up more critcism.

Now, I don't have a dog in this fight, but once again, I'm amazed at how the world turns.  Not too long ago, authors wouldn't have thought of criticizing an agent, even if said agent didn't seem to have an author's best interest at heart, but authors are finding a certain freedom in this uncertain age, and many not only feel comfortable telling agents they're not needed, but doing so in a way that burns bridges in a blaze of glory.

I don't yet know what to think, but I'm watching with intense interest from the sidelines.  Things are just heating up, I'm sure.

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