Sunday, February 5, 2012

Six Sunday--Lost in New Falls

HAPPY SUPERBOWL! Break out the chips and dip and fire up the commercials because it's Superbowl Sunday.  It's also, Six Sentence Sunday, and we're still in New Falls with screenwriter, Sara Delaney, and small-town sheriff, Quentin Taylor.  Sara's laptop is still missing along with her ready-to-send screenplay-of-her-heart, and this week she says goodbye to the good sheriff to take a call from her agent.  Some mixed emotions surface.

“I have to take this.”

“Of course. If you need anything, here’s my number.” He left a card on her countertop and moved toward the door with a grace that belied his muscular frame.  She didn’t stop him, knew she wouldn't use his number, and felt confident it would be the last time she encountered him while here in New Falls.  Yet, rather than the relief she expected, a weird sense of loss hit her instead.
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Happy Writing!


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Jessica E. Subject said...

Oh, I think she's going to hold onto that card and see him again. Great six! :)

Ruthie said...

I like her self-deluding confidence. :)

Angela Quarles said...

Poor Sara, methinks she protests too much! :)

Skye Warren said...

Love the contrast.

sue said...

I felt that - I hope she changes her mind

Melissa Pickering said...

Sounds like she has a hard choice ahead of her. Good six!

Amy said...

Sounds like she's having second thoughts already. I bet she uses that number!

Great six!

Amy Durham