Sunday, January 22, 2012

Six Sunday--Lost in New Falls AND Reader Rally Still Going

We're still in New Falls, Tennessee with Sara Delaney and Sheriff Quentin Taylor. Sara has just reported a burglary during which her laptop was stolen (EEK!). Quentin has recognized her, and we get an insight to their early years. Here is another six from Lost in New Falls:

They walked through the five rooms of the cabin until she didn’t notice anything else missing, and they had a tally of everything in her refrigerator, medicine cabinet, and closet. Quentin sent the deputies out and pulled her into the kitchen. His familiar spicy scent tickled her nose, and feelings she’d thought she’d suppressed years ago surfaced.

Arms crossed, backside leaning against the tiled countertop, he stared at her intensely, and she felt like a slice of decadent chocolate cake. Maybe that was just her former food-addiction speaking.
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Jessica E. Subject said...

Sounds like the kitchen is about to get steamy, and not from cooking. Great six! :)

Amy said...

Awesome six, Cherie! Love the chemistry between these two!!

Cara Bristol said...

Great chemistry.

Megan Johns said...

Great six, Cherie

Anonymous said...

Nice six, scene is a great memory aid :) Loved the last couple of lines :)

sue said...

food addiction eh? good one

Chris Kelworth said...

Really good description here, and love the food imagery. Thanks for sharing your six!