Sunday, January 15, 2012

Six Sunday--Lost in New Falls

We're still in New Falls, Tennessee with Sara Delaney and Sheriff Quentin Taylor. Sara has just reported a burglary during which her laptop was stolen (EEK!). Quentin has just recognized her, and we get an insight to their early years. Here is another six from Lost in New Falls:

     “Look at you!  You look amazing.”  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so bad he recognized her, but appreciation for the moment couldn’t be enjoyed properly since her world was currently upside down.

     “Thanks.  I guess I’ve changed.”  She knew she had, and he could put his tongue back in his mouth any time now.

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Amy said...

He could put his tongue back in his mouth! HA! Love this! Love the idea of this book... reunion stories are some of my favorites! Another great six! Amy Durham

Kellie Kamryn said...

Love it!

sue said...

oK - now what? I will return to find out

Anonymous said...

LOL, loved the last line!

Zee Monodee said...

Lol - loved the visual in that last line! Guess someone's kinda impressed, eh? :)

Jessica E. Subject said...

LOL Yes, with her laptop stolen, I imagine that's priority, but if her computer is found, there could be a double happy ending. *grins*

Sandra Sookoo said...

lol great way to put him in his place.

D Carney said...

LOL! Love that last line!

Sex Between the Covers said...

Hi Cherie, very pretty blog! Just wanted to let you know that your author spotlight on Sex Between the Covers is up now. It will remain up for 2 weeks.