Sunday, January 8, 2012

Six Sunday--Lost in New Falls

We're still in New Falls, Tennessee with Sara Delaney and Sheriff Quentin Taylor. Sara has just reported a burglary during which her laptop was stolen (EEK!).  Quentin has just recognized her, and we get an insight to their early years.  Here is another six from Lost in New Falls:

     “You can’t be the Sara Delaney I know.”

     Oh, she most certainly was, but some dark part of her wanted to hear him say why she couldn’t be the same girl. Was she too thin? Would he even go there?

      She put it out there to see what he’d do with it. “One and the same.”

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sue said...

Ah Ha - she's shed a few pounds I gather - I like these snippets

Anonymous said...

this gave me a chuckle as it brought to mind a bit of foreshadowing-- what WILL he do with her, hmm? Yum!

Amy said...

Great 6, Cherie! Really makes me wonder about their history!