Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday--Lost in New Falls

We're back in New Falls this week.  This story was the 1st place winner in The Beacon Unpublished contest for category romance.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  The first two installments have introduced Sara Delaney, a writer living the nightmare of having her laptop stolen along with various other items--like her underwear--and now she has to tell her long-time crush exactly what she's missing.  Without further ado, here are six more lines from Lost in New Falls:

            “Well, Sheriff, someone waited until Ms. Delaney exited the premises and broke inside, taking various items that she’s currently listing for me. She was just going over the bedroom items. You were saying about your underwear drawer?”

             She could feel her cheeks heat, and she had a sudden nervous urge to reach for something unhealthy but oh-so-tasty. She’d left emotional eating behind long ago though, so instead, she inhaled deeply and answered, “No valuables missing from the drawer, just the,” she cleared her throat again, “contents.”

             Both men went still, their faces frozen, mouths open and for the briefest of moments, Quentin’s gaze roamed down her body and back up, lingering in a couple places.

Thank you to those who return week after week. I look forward to reading all the snippets from such talented authors.

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Happy Writing!

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Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this story as it unfolds. Genius to have the lingerie get stolen. Excellent excerpt yet again!

Heather Thurmeier said...

Great snippet! Sounds like she's found herself in an interesting situation. I'll be back to find out what happens next!

D Carney said...


Joanne Stewart said...

hehehe, oh I love it. Fantastic six!

Monica Enderle Pierce said...

Oh, awk-ward!

sue said...

what? what?? must have been something out of the ordinary

Ruthie said...

Gulp! Am enjoying this one. Looking forward to seeing what the lads say when they recover their breath!

Jayel Kaye said...

I bet the "contents" were interesting

Alix said...

Great six!

Unknown said...

Missing "contents" sounds like the beginning of something very sexy! ;-)

Zee Monodee said...

OMG - that was so funny but I was cringeing for the poor girl! And Quentin's reaction - priceless! Great job, Cherie :)