Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Ten Best Things About Being a Writer

Gravity has ceased working around here because I am walking on air.

Into the Fire got a fantastic 4 1/2 star review at Night Owl Reviews.

The reviewer said, "there are a few tantalizing scenes that are as steamy as the food cooking in the kitchen. A quick easy read, but beware of feeling hungry afterwords!"

You can read the whole review HERE.

Also, if you'll hang around just a little longer, I've created a new top ten list for you to enjoy.  Hope it gives you a giggle or two.

Here are the top ten best things about being a writer:

10.Yeah, that villain I killed in a most heinous way might be you. Did you tick me off recently?

9. I'm on vacation every time I jump into the setting of my current story.

8. All the wild and crazy monthly writer meetings that get sooo out of hand.

7. The cool writer decoder ring I got through the mail when I hit 5000 friends on Facebook (maybe I dreamt this).

6. I get to be an office supply whore because now they're necessities.

5. The best part of my work attire are the house slippers and pj's.

4. People other than my mother and I have read my writing (some even liked it).

3. Fiction writer is just a nice way to say I'm full of it but know how to make it sound good.

2. I get to selfishly indulge in all my own interests and call it research for a book.

1. Now all those voices in my head are characters--not proof of insanity.

So, there you are--the top ten best things about being a writer.  Did I miss any?  Leave any I missed in the comments.

And just in case you missed the other amazing reviews of Into the Fire...

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Got Erotic Romance said "Into the Fire is a fast and fun read. Is it getting hot in here? This kitchen is on fire!" For the entire review, go here:

Happy Writing!

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Lynne Marshall said...

Another top-notch list. How about this one: I can daydream all I want. It's called plotting.

Congratulations on all the fab reviews, too. you're on a roll, darlin'

Jennifer Jakes said...

Congrats, Cherie, on the review. Well deserved! Loved Into the Fire.
And the list was great:)

Nancy Jardine Author said...

How you learn to squirm when you've killed the baddie!

Katherine said...

Congrats on the great review. I can't wait until I can include #5 on my top ten reasons to be a writer list. :o)

Kellie Kamryn said...

I saw that review on the WRP loop. Congratulations! And another great top 10!

Patricia said...

How cool to get such a review. You should be SQUEEEEE-ING all over the place.