Sunday, November 13, 2011

Six Sunday--Into the Fire

I've been away for a couple weeks, but I'm back to share six sentences from Into the Fire, my short story with The Wild Rose Press.  Here is a romantic moment after the reality show competition has wrapped.  Hope you enjoy.

     Her gaze hit his, and the pit of his stomach twisted as the heat melted him like butter on a hot roll.

     "I can’t promise anything, Luke. You’ve given me every reason not to trust you, but after what you made me feel in the pantry, I know I want at least one more night with you.”

     “I’ll take that.” He leaned forward and reached a hand under her ponytail to cup the back of her neck and pull her toward him as he lowered his lips to meet hers. The minute their mouths touched, he was in heaven.

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Megan Johns said...

Love the premise of this story

Patricia Preston said...

Great lead in to a hot kiss!

Unknown said...

Reduced to hot butter, huh? I like it. :)

Zee Monodee said...

Lovely! Very emotional and the tension is palpable :)

Amy said...

Great six! I remember that scene... annnnnnd the pantry! Love the tension between these two.
Amy Durham

Unknown said...

The whole butter on a hot roll made me hungry! :-)

Rosen Trevithick said...

I'm hungry too. Posts should alert me to upcoming food references, so that I know when to look away.

Alix said...

Very well conveyed emotion. Great six.

Taryn Kincaid said...

Tasty imagery.