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Welcome Kellie Kamryn!

For my first ever guest on the blog, I'm welcoming good friend and amazing author--Kellie Kamryn.  She is multi-talented and a multi-published romance writer, and I can't tell you enough how excited I am to have her here today.

So, Kellie, tell us a bit about your writing routine.

I try to write first thing in the morning when things are fresh. Then I’ll do promotion in the afternoon.
Aaah, to have a plan.  Sounds smart.  Which comes first for you--plot or characters?

First it’s an idea for a scenario, then I create the characters. They tell me the story while I write.
I love a chatty character.  Do your characters reveal themselves before or during your draft?

             I think my characters reveal a bit about themselves a little at a time.

As far as the other aspects of writing, does your editor cheer or cringe when your manuscript crosses his/her desk?

So far, I’ve had great compliments on my writing mechanics and edits haven’t been too painful. Crossing fingers it stays that way! LOL

Tell us a bit about your latest release, Going for Gold.  What did you enjoy most about writing this piece?

I needed something to inspire me, something to get me back into the swing of writing. So, my friend suggested a short Christmas themed read just to get the muse working again.
Let's give the readers a taste of what Going for Gold is about.  Here's a blurb for the book:

It was an office Christmas party filled with sexual tension. Gymnastics coach Grant Howard couldn’t keep his eyes off the newly-hired cheerleader coach. And sultry Teena Adams felt the same way.  The “rah-rah-rahs” she felt were cheers of unbridled lust. From punch and cookies to sexual escapades on a gym apparatus, you’ll never look at Christmas parties or a trampoline the same way again. It’s winner-take-all, when lovers are Going for Gold.

This sounds like a hot read!  After finishing Monkey's, Sex, and Other Birthday Surprises, I'm ready for another, so this is on my TBR ASAP list. 

Speaking of your other work, what was your first writing piece and where is it now?

The first thing I ever wrote is somewhere in a folder on my computer! I may drag it out again some day and polish it up, LOL But what I really am looking forward to promoting are my novels – The Love and Balance series – set to come out in January and February from Secret Cravings Publishing. I also have an erotic short story, Pleasure Island, coming out in October as well with The Wild Rose Press ( that will forever be my favorite as it was the first thing I wrote after my marriage ended.

Oh, I hate waiting!  To soothe my impatience, can you share an excerpt from Going for the Gold?

His balls ached. He contemplated discreetly adjusting his junk to assuage his discomfort but decided against it. It wouldn't help matters. At least not when the reason for it stood across the room, all sleek muscle and pleated, short skirt. She had been taunting him with that cheerleader body of hers since the day she'd come to work at the gym back in the fall. 

Raucous laughter made Grant Howard glance over just in time to see Teena Adams tip her head back, laughing at whatever had caused the uproar. At the sight of her beautiful profile, his cock jumped to attention. Her Christmas attire—red and green plaid skirt, green knee-high stockings, fire engine red heels, and white button-down blouse—was sexy as hell. He wouldn’t be able to endure this torture much longer.

It’s not like he didn’t get any on a regular basis. His reputation circulating as a “ladies man” with his female co-workers hadn’t escaped his attention. He neither perpetuated the myth nor did anything to dispel it. He got his fair share of pussy, but not from any of the women he coached with. Not that they weren’t hot—most gymnasts had a body a man would kill to get his hands on. But it was only common sense that if you wanted a good gym atmosphere, you didn’t fuck around with the girls on staff.

Grant sipped his drink, eyeing Teena over the rim of his glass. She laughed again, and his groin tightened. Huffing out a breath, he set his glass down on the table with a little more force than necessary. Christ. He stared at the clock on the wall, ignoring the festive mood of the partygoers, barely noticing how the boardroom had been decorated with mistletoe, garland and other Christmas decorations. Only one hour in. He hadn’t been at the party long enough to call it a night and head to the bar to find some real action.

Teena caught his eye from across the room. He held her gaze, barely able to breathe. Electricity crackled between them. One corner of her mouth quirked upward in a half smile, and she threw him a surreptitious wink. A friend nudged her arm, and he swore she grudgingly allowed herself to be pulled back into the conversation.

His heart thudded in his chest. Is she flirting with me? Was she interested in him too? She hadn’t given him any indication before tonight, and she couldn’t be drunk. Due to some of the underage coaches in attendance, the party was dry.

Grant threw back the rest of his punch, wondering if he should just go for it. Then one way or another, he could get over the affect she had on him. One way would be to sink my cock into her— He cut that train of thought off at the pass. Bad idea, man. If things didn’t go well, work would be hell.

You write in the male POV so well!  I can't wait to get my hands on this one!

Other than impatience for the next read, is there any particular emotional reaction you're trying to evoke with your writing?

I want them to laugh, cry, get aroused, or feel whatever the characters are feeling in a given moment.

Let's finish up with a few questions just for fun:

1.       Boxers or briefs on your man and why?

Boxer briefs – they are totally sexy. Although, commando is great too.

2.       Dog, cat, or neither? dog

3.       Favorite movie and why? The Saint – Val Kilmer, need I say more?

4.       Who or what would you walk over hot coals, climb a mountain, or swim an ocean to get to and why? My children. They are the best part of me.

5.       Salty, sweet, or both? Both depending on what it is!

Where can readers get a copy of their own?
Where can readers find you and  your other great reads?
Thanks for joining me today, Kellie.  I look forward to many more releases.
Happy Writing!


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Thanks for having me Cherie! I'll check in later to see if anyone stopped by :) xo

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Hi ladies!
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