Saturday, October 15, 2011

Six Sunday--Who's the Cake Boss

Into the Fire is out there, and I didn't participate in Six Sentence Sunday last week because I was hosting an awesome angel and author, Kellie Kamryn, but I couldn't wait to get back to it.  This week, I thought I'd post an excerpt from a different MS.  Another look at what happens behind the scenes on a reality show with my current WIP, Who's the Cake Boss.

            Freaked-out of his mind was not a feeling he felt—ever.  He’d parachuted out of planes, base-jumped from cliff-sides, swum with sharks in open water.  You name it, he’d done it.  But the feisty female rolling fondant and mixing all sorts of sweet concoctions at the station next to him scared him like nothing else.  She was mystery and perfection rolled into one, and though at one time she thought he could do no wrong, now nothing was further from the truth.  His one time apprentice had improved her skills over the last year, but it was obvious she’d just as soon toast his lower marshmallows than talk to him now.
            Considering they were stuck together in a traveling kitchen trailer that made the family camper look like a mansion, how they felt about each other didn’t matter though. 
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Happy Writing!
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Megan Johns said...

Love the premise of this again

Unknown said...

Love this! And the reference to "lower marshmallows" got me laughing. Great job!

Amy said...

OMG Cherie! This is great! I totally cracked up at "just as soon toast his lower marshmallows"! Love the way you work the "food theme" into his thoughts!

I have "Into the Fire" on my Kindle, and it's my read for this afternoon! Can't wait!

Amy Durham

Sarah Grimm said...

"Toast his lower marshmallows" ROFL! I absolutely love that! Great six, Cherie!

D Carney said...

"Toast his lower marshmallows". *dying* LMAO!

elaine cantrell said...

'toast his lower marshmallow' Cracked me up!

Jessica E. Subject said...

Oh, I think how they feel about each other is huge! A very intriguing six! Should be interesting having the two of them in such confined quarters. ;)

Zee Monodee said...

Awesome excerpt, Cherie! You conveyed so much in just six sentences - I'm floored (and jealous, lol!). :)

Meg Maguire said...

Loved this! Possibly my favorite six of the week.