Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Night, Ladies' Night

PhotobucketThinking of crawling back into bed today?  I bet you are now.

Upcoming places I'll be:

Sep 28 Carrie Ann Ryan's Blog
Oct 3 Mark of the Stars
Oct 4 Romance in the Backseat
Oct 4 Top Ten Reasons to Buy This Book
Oct 5 Lisa Haselton's Reviews and Interviews
Oct 5 Jennifer Jakes' Blog
Oct 5 Caroline Clemmons' Blog
Oct 6 Hope. Dreams. Life...Love
Oct 6 Amie Louellen's Blog
Oct 7 Sandra's Blog
Oct 9 Sweet and Sassy--the Blog of Kellie Kamryn
Oct 10 Megan Johns Invites
Oct 11 My Odd Little World
Oct 11 Rachel Leigh Romance
Oct 12 Black Velvet Seductions
Oct 13 Lisa Sanchez Romance
Oct 14 Delaney Diamond's Blog
Oct 28 Jennifer Jakes' Blog

Stop by and comment! Certain blogs have giveaways for books and gift cards :-)
Happy Writing!

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