Monday, August 29, 2011

Top Ten Worst Ice Cream Flavors

In honor of my father's favorite treat (his birthday), this week's Top Ten list is all about the worst ice cream flavors never invented (thank goodness).

10.  Earwax and chocolate swirl with nosehair sprinkles
9.    Sweaty, vanilla gym socks with bottom of the trashbag syrup
8.    Strawberry mayonnaise with caviar mix-ins
7.    Fudgy, belly-fat ripple
6.    Peanut butter and toe-jam with cricket leg toppings
5.    Belly-button lint and mint chip
4.    Sludge and onion pecan
3.    Elbow grease and gravy over mouse chip
2.    Liver and cherry with marshmallow syrup
1.  Cookies and Spleen

Yes, they are gross, but they were inspired by a picture of a topping choice at Orange Leaf Yogurt that looked very much like fish eggs.  Hopefully, I won't feel so guilty for the delicious peanut butter and chocolate yogurt with Reese Cup mix-ins I gobbled down tonight.  It could have been worse, I suppose.

Happy Writing!

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