Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Top Ten Ways You Know You're A Writer

Tuesdays are for my Top Ten.  Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but always relevant.

Top Ten Ways You Know You're A Writer

10.  Instead of the smell of coffee, it's the smell of paper that wakes you in the morning.
9.    The longest conversation you've had in a day was with a character in your story.
8.    When you open your desk drawer to add one more writing utensil, everything spills out like an overstuffed closet.
7.    Characters in your stories resemble real people you've encountered.
6.    When your Muse begins "talking," you pull your laptop from its case like a gunslinger.
5.    You can talk more in-depth about your characters' lives than you can your own.
4.    You randomly tell people, "Your dialogue doesn't feel authentic."
3.    People no longer ask you what you ride when you tell what you do for a living?
2.    Your idea of a perfect Saturday night involves closing plot holes.
1.    You finish every conversation with a very satisfying "The End."

Hope you like, and hope it made you smile.

Happy Writing!

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