Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tickles

Despite a little vulgarity, this is funny.  I hope it was done tongue-in-cheek, as it comes off, but hey, I have totally been there.  I assume the Dragon show is like Shark Tank here in the U. S.

Happy Writing!


J D Elliott said...

LMAO!! That is hilarious, Cherie. After, I watched it, I pulled up Lisa Gabriele's website. Her books sound like they would be hysterical. I noticed that she's also one of the producers for the Dragon's Den. Great stuff and thanks for sharing. I have to agree with you...I think most writers have been there.

JD :)

Kellie Kamryn said...

This is one of the few TV shows I love watching! Was this for real or a spoof? How could she be a producer on the show and do this? LMAO!

Cherie Marks said...

I guess I could've done a little research to learn a little more about her. Good thinking, J.D. Looks like it was a marketing thing. Funny, though.