Sunday, May 29, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Running a little late today, but here is an excerpt from my soon-to-be published Into the Fire.    Hope you enjoy:
Her liquid brown eyes blazed up at him, and even as a small voice in the back of his brain screamed he didn’t have time for this, he couldn’t seem to pull away. She looked so damn soft and vulnerable, and all he wanted to do was step out of the way of her win, give it all to her because she deserved it. But first, he wanted to kiss her, a long, hot, turn-their-knees-to-jelly kiss.
He took one look at her lips and was lost to them. He lowered his head slowly, giving her the chance to pull away if she wanted to. Their lips met tentatively at first, then melted together like butter and sugar in a hot saucepan.

For those new to Six Sentence Sunday, it's simple:

1) pick a project – a current Work in Progress, contracted work or even something readers can buy if you’re published

2) pick six sentences

3) post 'em on Sunday

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Happy Writing!


Cate Masters said...

Butter and sugar - yum! :) Nice snippet.

Bunch of Stuff said...


Sarah Grimm said...

Vera, vera nice!

Unknown said...

Love the butter and sugar ending. Very nice.

Gem Sivad said...

Lost to her lips in a melting kiss...wonderful sensuous description.

AllureVanSanz said...

Great description. Sensually intense.

Well done.

Allure Van Sanz

Cherie Marks said...

Thanks, ladies for stopping by, even though I didn't get my post up in time.