Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wow Me Wednesday

Currently, I'm spending all my oodles of spare time (cue sarcasm) doing writerly things, one of which is taking an online editing course with Angela James of Carina Press.  I will say that much of what she is covering, I am aware of (Yes, I just ended with a preposition.  What you going to do about it, grammar police?)  But she has shown me an insight that had often escaped me--what goes through an editor's mind when looking at a manuscript.  Yes, I'd heard certain ideas bandied about as to what editor's were really thinking and looking for in a story, but Ms. James has brought up things I never would have imagined.  Anyway, I'll share some, but I can't really outline her whole course because she has the intention of publishing a book all about it.  But, I thought I'd repost this veeeery funny clip about a very horrible editor.

I originally posted it at my other blog:  http://www.sherrycahill.blogspot.com/
Check it out if you'd like.

Happy Writing!

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